Release Information

Please find the release notes and resolved case lists below for the current and all previous Loqate releases. You can learn more about our release test process, by looking through our release guide. If you are unsure about your API version, please follow these steps.

Major Release

A major release includes updates made to the Local API, data updates, and any bug fixes or enhancement requests

Minor Release

A minor release was created for data updates. During the minor releases, we will tune the following countries: United States (US), United Kingdom (GB), and Canada (CA). These improvements can include data refreshes, alignment fixes, performance updates, etc.

Release Schedule

Please note, the release schedule is subject to change.

Date Major Release Minor Release
January 28th, 2021 2021Q1.0
February 26th, 2021 2021Q1.1
April 21st, 2021 2021Q2.0
May 28th, 2021 2021Q2.1
July 15th, 2021 2021Q3.0
August 27th, 2021 2021Q3.1
October 13th, 2021 2021Q4.0
December 1st, 2021 2021Q4.1

Release Documentation

Loqate Release Release Date API Version Release Documentation
2020Q4.1 2020-12-01 Release Notes| Resolved Cases
Supported Platforms | SFTP Contents
2020Q4.0 2020-10-15 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
Supported Platforms | SFTP Contents
2020Q3.1 2020-08-27 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
Supported Platforms | SFTP Contents
2020Q3.0 2020-07-15 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
Supported Platforms | SFTP Contents
2020Q2.1 2020-05-28 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
Supported Platforms | SFTP Contents
2020Q2.0 2020-04-21 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
Supported Platforms | SFTP Contents
2020Q1.1 2020-02-27 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2020Q1.0 2020-01-28 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2019Q4.1 2019-11-27 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2019Q4.0 2019-10-11 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2019Q3.1 2019-08-28 Release Notes Resolved Cases
2019Q3.0 2019-07-11 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2019Q2.1 2019-05-28 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2019Q2.0 2019-04-17 Release Notes Resolved Cases
2019Q1.1 2019-02-28 Release Notes Resolved Cases
2019Q1.0 2019-01-28 Release Notes Resolved Cases
2018Q4.1 2018-11-30 Release Notes Resolved Cases
2018Q4.0 2018-10-11 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2018Q3.1 2018-08-29 Release Notes  | Resolved Cases
2018Q3.0 2018-07-12 Release Notes  | Resolved Cases
2018Q2.1 2018-05-29 Release Notes  | Resolved Cases
2018Q2.0 2018-04-11 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2018Q1.1 2018-03-02 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2018Q1.0 2018-01-11 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2017Q4.1 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2017Q4.0 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2017Q3.1 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2017Q3.0 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2017Q2.1 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2017Q2.0 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2017Q1.2 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2017Q1.1 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2017Q1.0 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2016Q4.2 Release Notes
2016Q4.1 Release Notes
2016Q4.0 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2016Q3.2 Release Notes
2016Q3.1 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2016Q3.0 Release Notes
2016Q2.2 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2016Q2.1 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2016Q2.0 Release Notes | Resolved Cases
2016Q1.0 Release Notes
2015Q4.0 Release Notes
2015Q3.0 Release Notes
2015Q2.0 Release Notes
2015Q1.0 Release Notes
2014Q4.0 Release Notes
2014Q3.0 Release Notes
2014Q2.0 Release Notes
2014Q1.0 Release Notes | Data Coverage
2013Q4.1 Release Notes
2013Q4.0 (Windows) (Linux) Release Notes | Data Coverage
2013Q3.1 Release Notes
2013Q3.0 Release Notes | Data Coverage
2013Q2.0 Release Notes | Data Coverage
2013Q1.0 Release Notes | Data Coverage
2012Q4.0 (Windows) (Linux) Release Notes | Data Coverage
2012Q3.1 (Windows) (Linux)
2012Q3.0 Release Notes | Data Coverage
2012Q2.0 Release Notes | Data Coverage
2012Q1.2 Release Notes | Data Coverage
2012Q1.1 Release Notes | Data Coverage
2012Q1.0 Release Notes | Data Coverage
2011Q4.0 Release Notes | Data Coverage
2011Q3.0 Data Coverage