Address Coverage by Country/Territory

This page is currently undergoing maintenance. We hope to have the full country coverage chart updated and online again by Friday, November 16. We apologize for any disruption this creates. Please contact your account manager or our help desk for any queries.

The countries listed below are supported by the Loqate Cleanse engine. The verification and geocoding levels represent the highest component that is supported. These translate to the following:

L5 = Delivery point (sub-building, such as suite, floor, apartment, etc) [verify only]
L4 = Premise (building name, house number) [indicates rooftop for geocoding]
L3 = Street (thoroughfare)
L2 = Locality (city, town)
L1 = Administrative Area (such as a county or state)

The +/- provides a more granular indication of how good the data is at the stated level. This is only relevant for the verification level.

An asterisk next to a geocode level indicates that we have point-level (or rooftop) data. Geocoding for countries without point data may be interpolated to the stated level.

Street saturation and premise saturation levels are relative only to the our reference data. It is not a comparison against the total number of streets of premise values in each respective country.

Additional information on saturation levels, premise saturation, and examples on how to read the chart can be found here.

Country/territory name Region ISO2 ISO3 Verification Level Geocode Level Street Sat. Premise Sat.
AngolaMiddle East & AfricaAOAGOL3-L310.05%0.02%
AntarcticaPacific & ArcticAQATAL1L1 - -
ArgentinaSouth AmericaARARGL4+L498.58%93.00%
Bolivia, Plurinational State ofSouth AmericaBOBOLL3L338.63%0.70%
Bosnia and HerzegovinaEastern EuropeBABIHL4+L484.59%84.58%
BrazilSouth AmericaBRBRAL4L499.50%38.81%
Brunei DarussalamAsiaBNBRNL4L490.91%57.57%
BulgariaEastern EuropeBGBGRL4L4 - N/A
Christmas IslandPacific & ArcticCXCXRL2L2 - -
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsPacific & ArcticCCCCKL2L2 - -
ColombiaSouth AmericaCOCOLL4L497.71%68.91%
Cook IslandsPacific & ArcticCKCOKL3-L321.15% -
Costa RicaCentral America & CaribbeanCRCRIL4-L478.87%13.24%
Côte d'IvoireMiddle East & AfricaCICIVL2L2 - -
Dominican RepublicCentral America & CaribbeanDODOML3L372.64%0.32%
EstoniaEastern EuropeEEESTL4L4*93.03%67.57%
FijiPacific & ArcticFJFJIL4-L457.07%8.84%
French PolynesiaPacific & ArcticPFPYFL3L341.95%1.13%
GuernseyWestern EuropeGGGGYL5L489.10%28.42%
Isle of ManWestern EuropeIMIMNL5L493.02%53.73%
JerseyWestern EuropeJEJEYL5L490.38%44.08%
JordanMiddle East & AfricaJOJORL4L499.24%71.72%
KiribatiPacific & ArcticKIKIRL3-L37.03% -
LatviaEastern EuropeLVLVAL4L484.75%31.78%
LithuaniaEastern EuropeLTLTUL4+L498.27%80.27%
LuxembourgWestern EuropeLULUXL4L495.18%88.94%
MartiniqueCentral America & CaribbeanMQMTQL4L489.44%59.52%
New CaledoniaPacific & ArcticNCNCLL4L485.86%41.06%
New ZealandPacific & ArcticNZNZLL4+L4100.00%97.50%
NiuePacific & ArcticNUNIUL3L331.82% -
Norfolk IslandPacific & ArcticNFNFKL4L499.32%60.81%
Papua New GuineaPacific & ArcticPGPNGL2L21.31% -
PeruSouth AmericaPEPERL4L490.53%58.81%
PitcairnPacific & ArcticPNPCNL2L2 - -
QatarMiddle East & AfricaQAQATL4L499.74%77.19%
RéunionMiddle East & AfricaREREUL4+L499.50%87.63%
Saint BarthélemyCentral America & CaribbeanBLBLML4L498.44%43.75%
Saint Kitts and NevisCentral America & CaribbeanKNKNAL3L349.42% -
SamoaPacific & ArcticWSWSML3-L321.07% -
SerbiaEastern EuropeRSSRBL4+L498.07%87.01%
SlovakiaEastern EuropeSKSVKL4L490.51%64.61%
SloveniaEastern EuropeSISVNL4+L499.33%94.27%
Solomon IslandsPacific & ArcticSBSLBL2L23.20% -
South AfricaMiddle East & AfricaZAZAFL4L498.12%43.98%
SpainWestern EuropeESESPL4L4*98.15%79.71%
SurinameSouth AmericaSRSURL4L480.21%46.36%
SwazilandMiddle East & AfricaSZSWZL3+L387.78%0.96%
SwedenWestern EuropeSESWEL4L481.45%60.86%
Syrian Arab RepublicMiddle East & AfricaSYSYRL2L20.37% -
Taiwan, Province of ChinaAsiaTWTWNL4+L499.99%98.68%
Tanzania, United Republic ofMiddle East & AfricaTZTZAL3-L314.65% -
TokelauPacific & ArcticTKTKLL3L375.00% -
TongaPacific & ArcticTOTONL3L350.23%3.26%
Trinidad and TobagoCentral America & CaribbeanTTTTOL3+L384.68%0.49%
TuvaluPacific & ArcticTVTUVL3L331.25% -
United KingdomWestern EuropeGBGBRL5L4*92.59%70.66%
VanuatuPacific & ArcticVUVUTL3-L312.61%2.78%
Wallis and FutunaPacific & ArcticWFWLFL3-L315.79% -