2021Q4.1 Resolved Case List 

The following is a list of cases that have been resolved with the 2021Q4.1 minor release. To view the the examples and screenshots of the changes made please click here. If you would like more details on any of the solved cases listed, please contact the support team: LoqateSupport@gbgplc.com for further information.

Case Number Change Description Category Country
CAS-49068-Y6F2L8 Building and SubBuilding parsing improvement Data MAC
CAS-58754-X5Q0D4 Building, Organization and Department records grouping change in reference data Data GBR
CAS-50655-D3K6F3 Improved geocodes from new data source Data GBR
CAS-10723-V3P6J0 Fix duplicate ‘Box’ issue in Premise field Data USA
CAS-49509-H4R6H4 Fix blank locality value Data KHM
CAS-09226-F9R3H2 Thoroughfares and dependent locality are able to be verified correctly Data MYS
CAS-39020-K9C3H8 DependentLocality able to be verified correctly Data MYS
CAS-39283-R1Q4X8 Correct format of premise number in the output result Data SGP
CAS-60713-V7Z2G3 Localities are realigned and restructured as dependentlocality so that the correct locality are displayed in output result. Data BRA
CAS-03323-L0X0Y4 Locality changed from Melawati to Ampang Data MYS
CAS-41326-R3K6S7 Changing hierarchy structure for Bratislava. Data CAN
CAS-58610-G7N0R1 Add subbuilding pattern in lexicon to parse ‘4g65k’ to subbuilding. Data USA
CAS-10086-L4Z6M1 Improve the accuracy of the geocodes by using Geo+ reference data source Data GBR
CAS-09825-T9V8Z5 Improve the accuracy of the geocodes by using Geo+ reference data source Data GBR
Improvement Improve the parsing of the 10-digit Makani number by introducing the Makani Number field. Data UAE
CAS-38496-N7X6M4 Improve the parsing and verification Data IRL
CAS-38514-M9 Woodland Heights can now be verified Data IRL
CAS-02161-Z3C3R4 Removal of Federated States of Micronesia (FM), Marshall Islands (MH) and Palau (PW) from United States Dataset Data USA
CAS-51092-W1Q3N1 Fix incorrect parsing & verification of Canada address Data CAN
CAS-41322-T6W6Z6 Removal of incorrect postcode in Luxembourg seed dataset Data LUX
CAS-52506-G5C0S8 Postbox now follow strict match rule regardless of input casing. API All