2021Q3.0 Resolved Cases

The following is a list of cases that have been resolved with the 2021Q3.0 major release. To view the the examples and screenshots of the changes made please click here. If you would like more details on any of the solved cases listed, please contact the support team: LoqateSupport@gbgplc.com for further information.


Case Number Change Description Category Country
CAS-08868-W4F6D4 Resolved Enhance Matscore Calculation API ALL
CAS-06297-C0M6Z6 Search accuracy enhancement API ITA
CAS-07246-Y5D4S6 Enable Parsing to reflect accuracy with DefaultCountry value API USA
CAS-10763-C4N5T7 Resolved incorrect parsing issue of SubBuilding field Data AUS
CAS-01722-C1W7J4 PostalCode improvement in Seed file Data BRA
CAS-10745-Q4V8W0 Prepend ‘PO Box’ value to PostBox if input didn’t provide PostBoxType value Data CAN
CAS-09499-M3V6H7 Improvements made to the data to return the ThoroughfareName that match with CanadaPost site. Data CAN
CAS-03022-R4D6K5 Canada thoroughfare improvement Data CAN
CAS-01434-S9T2H2 Canada – removed duplicate records Data CAN
CAS-54429-X5W3Y6 Canada – removed duplicate records Data CAN
CAS-02602-T7X1K5 Canada locality improvement Data CAN
CAS-10482-S4R3C0 Canada – Set the official acronym with ‘@’ symbol, the other acronyms are set as invalid aliases. Data CAN
CAS-11173-W7D9B0 Canada parsing improvement Data CAN
CAS-11706-B1F3J0 China DeliveryAddress format update when the output is in Latin script Data CHN
CAS-12180-S1N7Y6 German  thoroughfare type element addition Data DEU
CAS-11936-X3C8R4 Germany – Resolved the issue of thoroughfare abbreviations that were parsed to building field Data DEU
CAS-11773-F6D5F6 Germany – Parsing improvement within the Building field Data DEU
CAS-10767-W2B7G4 Resolved Spain parsing issue within the thoroughfare field Data ESP
CAS-12183-Y2J8X9 Resolved incorrect parsing of street elements Data FRA
CAS-54188-C3B4X4 Improved verification results of at least up to Locality or PostalCode (level 2) Data FRA
CAS-06628-K3H4F4 United Kingdom reference data update for organization field Data GBR
CAS-10767-W2B7G4 Resolved United Kingdom parsing issue within the thoroughfare field  Data GBR
CAS-03129-Y3Q6Z0 Address verification improvement Data IDN
CAS-06748-X9R6Y7 India address parsing improvement Data IND
CAS-11439-N5P6D2 India – Removed the invalid formatting with the double quotation mark and space. Data IND
CAS-09036-H0W6H3 Italy re-alignment Data ITA
CAS-10767-W2B7G4 Improved parsing in Italy Data ITA
CAS-38525-L5K4W4 Italy reference data update Data ITA
CAS-10928-Q8S7K5 Liechtenstein PostalCode improvement Data LIE
CAS-11438-G6J7N5 Martinique – Updated the valid names for some SubAdministrativeArea Data MTQ
CAS-11816-B0F2X4 Malaysia parsing improvement Data MYS
CAS-12073-R8T7Q3 Improved parsing in Netherlands Data NLD
Norway address format update Data NOR
CAS-03128-M1G2Z0 Philippines parsing improvement Data PHL
CAS-10678-L3F2N8 Native name for primary valid alias Data PRI
CAS-04328-N9C1V0 Resolved transliteration issue Data TUR
CAS-52635-W9X0V8 Puerto Rico parsing improvement Data USA