2021Q2.1 Resolved Cases


Case Number Change Description Category Country
CAS-06871-F1F6K7 Same input to batch.exe always give same output API ALL
CAS-54016-F1K1V2 Improve accuracy of identification of premise number API All
CAS-07802-N0M6X2 Fix issue of Reverse Geocode returns 0.00000 latitude and longitude and reverse geocode improvement API All
CAS-08710-D4L1Y0 GB addresses AVC correction API GBR
CAS-11561-C2P0M3 AdministrativeArea name correction API USA, CAN
CAS-11017-J1L2M6 Australia thoroughfare casing improvement  Data AUS
CAS-04739-B1Y3K0 Australia Reference Data (RD) update for building column Data AUS
CAS-02807-T3S1W4 Bosnia output script standardized Data BIH
CAS-03669-V3L9L4 Changed main valid alias for locality, added missing locality, and added one missing PLZ for seed file Data CHE
CAS-06747-B7Z8G4 China Locality Primary name standardization for seed file. Data CHN
CAS-10682-Y1M6V0 China Locality Primary name standardization for seed file. Data CHN
CAS-03285-M7N4R3 China Building parsing improvement Data CHN
CAS-07685-P1Y4Y0 Thoroughfare Improvement Data DEU
CAS-05803-W8Q5K3 Italy thoroughfare improvement Data ITA
CAS-54433-X7P8F7 Italy thoroughfare improvement Data ITA
CAS-09508-X9V0R1 Northern Mariana Island data improvement Data MNP
CAS-50744-P3G6X7;CAS-50751-R1D2Y1 Casing improvement Data AD,AE,CU,CY,CZ,DE,EE,GG,GR,IM,IS,KR,LI,LV,MT,MY,PL,RE,RO,SK,SM
CAS-03126-G4D3Y5 Malaysia parsing Improvement and data update Data MYS
CAS-04019-Z8R9C4 Removed prefix ‘Division’ for all SubAdministrationArea in our data Data MYS
CAS-03323-L0X0Y4 Malaysia DependentLocality improvement Data MYS
CAS-03665-J2T2T6 Malaysia parsing and Data improvement Data MYS
CAS-09226-F9R3H2 Malaysia parsing and data improvement for DependentLocalities and Thoroughfares Data MYS
CAS-08767-S4F3Q6 Distinguish between non gmina with “M.” Data POL
CAS-10848-F2G6N6 Mark all names with (Gmina) as invalid alias Data POL
CAS-51609-S9N8R4 Diacritics appears in output, whether or not OutputScript: “Latn” is used. Data POL
CAS-39015-J7F8S0 Postalcode 60-580 for Poznan does not exist Data POL
CAS-04783-J3G0W9 AVC Improvement Data RUS
CAS-07757-F9R0Z2 Thoroughfare Improvement Data SGP
CAS-09150-B6C0F9 Changed ISO3 from TLP to TLS Data TLS
CAS-50095-Z3J1G5 Taiwan Thoroughfare improvement Data TWN
CAS-53884-K0L1X1 US thoroughfare improvement Data USA
CAS-09192-H5C2L4 US SubBuilding improvement Data USA