2019Q3.0 Resolved Cases



Case Number Change Description Country
CAS-32768-F4B9W9 Data Alignment ARE
CAS-32789-C7C1L0 (9233) UAE sub building data improvement ARE
CAS-32503-R2D5H1 (10423) Bangladesh postal code output format improvement BGD
CAS-33746-W8L4H0 (9424) Colombia thoroughfare data improvement COL
CAS-33359-Q9K3K5 (9303) Italy dependent locality and locality improvement ITA
CAS-35262-X5L3S1 Italy administrative area data improvement ITA
CAS-33358-K8J3D1 (10139) Italy administrative area data improvement ITA
CAS-36423-F6R9P7 Japan locality data improvement JPN
CAS-39751-Z3D0G0 Republic of North Macedonia country date improvement MKD
CAS-32621-V6B5L1 (9593) Qatar dependent locality improvement QAT
CAS-32785-H7R2D1 (10419) Argentina locality data improvement ARG
CAS-32774-B6R1X8 (10160) Argentina thorgouhfare data improvement ARG
CAS-32440-P6B1F6 (10449) system hang improvement All
CAS-35232-S4Z4J0 CASS thoroughfare output improvement All
CAS-38580-X0J1H0 CASS matchscore improvement All
CAS-37538-H4X7W4 CASS thoroughfare & AdminArea output improvement All
CAS-33357-K9G6Z3 (9302) Italy Locality Improvement ITA
CAS-32509-Q1W9Q2 (10618) United Kingdom Admin Area improvement GBR
CAS-32839-F3N0F1 (9473) Italy AVC improvement ITA
CAS-33012-S6M6B0 (8613) Italy Premise improvement ITA
CAS-32935-B6J5P2 (9904) Italy thoroughfare output improvement ITA
CAS-36492-F1R0K3 Italy DependentLocality output improvement ITA
CAS-32761-L9N2K1 (9828) Argentina matchscore data improvement ARG
CAS-33249-L0N2X7 (10897) Austria Lat/Long Data improvement AUT
CAS-38267-Q8Q9P0 United Arab Emirates Admin Area output improvement ARE
CAS-33526-D4J0G8 (6449) Korea Locality output improvement
CAS-33686-W6N8N1 (8126) United Arab Emirates locality/Admin output improvement ARE
CAS-40364-X0H5D1 Netherlands premise data improvement NLD
CAS-41074-R7W9M9 Australia premise data improvement AUS
CAS-39100-Z1T5V9 Slovakia addresses with initials in output SVK