2017 Q4.0 Resolved Cases

Resolved Case List

Case Subject ISO
8939 Canada knowledge base building improvement CAN
7618 New Zealand PDH-based knowledge base/reference data improvement for post towns NZL
8932 Install Manager API improvement
8156 New Zealand PDH-based reference data thoroughfare improvement NZL
8178 Russia SubBuilding/Building parsing improvement RUS
8486 Canada city alias parsing improvement CAN
8492 Australia reference data update? AUS
8936 OSGi jar fix
8978 USA SubBuilding parsing improvement USA
9070 Improved handling of accounts with disabled transaction logging
8871 Display Administrative Area in full name instead of abbreviation IND
8872 Display Administrative Area in full name instead of abbreviation IND
7206 Added a few thoroughfare types, locality and administrative area types, and dependent locality and double dependent locality types. LTU
8938 Strengthen the recognition of “NW” abbreviation as thoroughfare direction. CAN
8155 Improve handling of “blok” number, improve “Jakarta” related recognition, improve recognition of “Kecamatan” and “Kabupaten” IDN
8005 Colombia knowledge base thoroughfare improvement COL
8184 Netherlands reference data improvement NLD
8229 France knowledge base Organization and DependentLocality improvement FRA
8586 Poland knowledge base premise, thoroughfare and locality improvement POL
8864 Italy knowledge base AddressFormat improvement ITA
8870 French Polynesia reference data improvement (added back to RD) PYF
9019 Spain knowledge base locality improvement ESP
5981 New Zealand reference data improvement NZL