2017 Q1.2 Resolved Cases

Resolved Case List

Case Subject ISO
8109 Added geocoding capabilities for US territories when Country=US USA
7719 Fixed incorrect SubBuilding output when input AdminArea is out of the form “PT-{Number}” POR
8050 Fixed API crash when attempting to transliterate the HyphenClass field; Fixed API crash when attempting to transliterate an empty string All
8104 Search no longer returns a single record if it exactly matches to one record, unless the match is Premise level or higher All
8148 Fixed Latin to Native transliteration for Chinese provinces CHI
7864 Switch to auto-generated locality and administrative area list (autolex) HKG
8223 Russia native address format change. It is no longer print in reverse order, and is arranged in accordance to https://www.pochta.ru/en/support/post-rules/write-address RUS
7648 Added comma between Thoroughfare and Premise; Put Building line above Thoroughfare line; SubBuilding information comes after Premise, in the same line BRA
8228 Recognize “Forty” and “40” interchangeably in record look-up USA
8176 Fixed sub building number which looks like direction (N, S, E, W) get parsed into thoroughfare CAN
8173 Added a few more old administrative area aliases CAN
8211 Recognize “Omonoia” and “Omonoias” interchangeably in record look-up; Transform thoroughfare name ended with “Square” to new thoroughfare name started with “Plateia” GRC
8090 Fixed “Lantau Island” appears as “Island” when output script is set to Latn” HKG
7770 Fixed USA incorrect output address for input which contains only “Invalid Address” USA
7834 Fixed issue for “Trulsdal” which is both a valid locality and thoroughfare value getting wrongly parsed SWE
8019 Fixed Egypt thoroughfare not verified due to unrecognized Dependent Locality input EGY
8216 Added Canada Rural Route lexicon CAN
8236 Corrected Finland parsing issue for “KRS,” “INSTITUUTTI.” Added Finland lexicon for “VÅN” FIN
8237 Added Italy lexicon to recognize “Via Privata” as thoroughfare type ITA
8246 Canada thoroughfare parsing issue CAN
8254 Added USA rule to cater for locality input: Miami Garden as Miami Gardens USA