2017 Q1.1 Resolved Cases

Resolved Case List

Case Subject ISO
7810 Improved handling of Organization values KOR
7958 Improved handling of French numbers (Un, Deux, Trois…) FRA
7988 Recognize “P C A” as “Packaging Corporation of America” USA
7998 Improved matching of thoroughfare type “Boulevard” BEL
7807 Improved Spanish Administrative Areas Alignment ESP
7986 Improved handling of Czech Republic as “Česká Republika/the Czech Republic/Czechia” CZE
8106 Increase the priority weight for engine to parse “Rd” as “Road” SGP
8150 Recognize “Bosque” and “Bosques” interchangeably CHL
7980 Fix StrictReferenceMatch issue where number ranges are being added to the output GBR