2017 Q1 Resolved Cases

2016 Q1 Resolved Cases

Case Number Subject Country
000077765 Vietnam locality and dependent locality parsing rule VNM
00007766 Added dates to ThoroughfareName and various patterns to PremiseType for Mexico MEX
00007769 Taiwan AVC TWN
00007872 Extend typo handling on thoroughfare, dependent locality and locality THA
00007739 Portugal thoroughfare parsing rule PRT
00007595 SubBuilding parsing improvements in Austria address format AUT
00007749 Added ReferenceMerge for Ireland parsing IRL
00007885 Denmark address format DNK
00007841 Fixed wrong Russian city’s English names: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novy Urengoy and Rostov-on-Don RUS
00007896 Fixed low GAC for “Little Hills Ind Blvd” USA
00007942 Added ReferenceMerge for Ireland parsing IRL
00007861 USA organization parsing rule USA
00006535 Switzerland data alignment CHE
00007388 Finland data alignment FIN
00007873 Address not exist in reference data CAN