2016 Q4 Resolved Cases

Local API Updates: 

Case Number Subject Country
00005734 Malaysia query – thoroughfare matching MYS
00007488 NZ Administrative areas blank NZ
00006510 Slow processing of NL data NLD
00005805 Malaysian Address – City value should be Petaling Jaya MYS
00007492 Crash in Lin64 None

Knowledge Base:

Case Number Subject Country
00007450 Artifacts in addresses CAN
00006134 Loqate fields per country MYS
00007378 GBR 2016Q2 GBR
00007452 Atlas page for China CHN
00007514 Belgium address issue-Production issue BEL
00007027 Consistency of results with variants of country names Various
00005130 New Zealand Powersearch address returns Street instead of Saint NZL
00007424 Belgium valid locality spellings BEL
00006985 Address Verification (Various junk) All
00007403 A street name 3.Yol not verified correctly TUR
00007438 wrong correction of city name and wrong field status AUS
00007469 Insufficient values in cleansed address AZE; KAZ; UZB