2016Q3.1 Resolved Cases

Local API Updates:

Case Number Subject Country
00006450 Conditional address formatting KOR
00006494 Search Result produces different results from leading zero input GBR
00007055 Valid premise number not being verified USA
00007090 Roman numerals not being capitalized All

Knowledge Base:

Case Number Subject Country
 00007017 Odd formatting and matching behavior GBR
00007185 Parcel Locker address AUS
00007208 Gradual Degredation of Result GBR
00007239 Loqate error with ‘Slovak Republic’ country SVK
00007244 Thoroughfare parse issue ESP
00007245 Incorrect Append of Building Value JPN
00007247 Value Duplicated across Address fields JPN
00007249 Handling Japanese Delimiter JPN
00007250 Partial Postal Code Entries JPN
00007257 Specific Address is Partially verified USA
00007277 Loqate issue with Brazilian Address formatting BRA
00007289 Corrected address used as input to a second call gets changed. CAN