2016Q2 Resolved Cases

Local API Updates:

Case 00006382: UK addresses matching issue
Case 00006448: AutoComplete does not return all possible results until “rd” is in the input
Case 00006586: Issue with Canada Search response times
Case 00006594: Address casing issues
Case 00006595: Dash Removed for CHN address
Case 00006655: InstallManager prompts for AMAS extraction
Case 00006715: KOR transliteration on Building
Case 00006791: Issue with UK address using “Verify” process


Country Updates:

Case 00005658: Remove Automatically Inserted Address Data for KOR address
Case 00005706: JPN address District number and room number reversed
Case 00005707: JPN address returns Invalid district name
Case 00005711: JPN address District number is changed
Case 00005718: KOR address verification issue in the Building/SubBuilding field
Case 00005979: Incorrect parsing of Japanese building information
Case 00006068: Building names being changed in the output
Case 00006307: Turkish Address Formatting
Case 00006387: Transliteration Errors in JPN
Case 00006393: AQI/Matchscore Abnormality
Case 00006414: Austria address validation issue
Case 00006427: Canada address verification issue
Case 00006429: Issue with generated Ambiguity List
Case 00006431: Austria Address format issue
Case 00006440: Portugal parsing incorrectly on abbreviated form
Case 00006465: Ri and Myon Characters in Korean Buildings
Case 00006471: Address Cleansed Incorrectly
Case 00006555: Different matches results from Search and Verify
Case 00006558: Duplicate Suite Not Verified for US address
Case 00006562: US cleansed address differs from postal authority
Case 00006592: Hash Sign Removed for CHN address
Case 00006593: Space Added for CHN address
Case 00006601: Canada address verification issue
Case 00006608: AUS address verification issue
Case 00006613: Canada Address discrepancy
Case 00006618: AUS address verification issue
Case 00006632: AUS address verification issue
Case 00006638: Extra Spaces in Redundant Addresses
Case 00006641: USA parsing issue for SubBuilding field
Case 00006642: Canada address verification issue
Case 00006649: Extraneous Output Tokens
Case 00006654: Search Process Issue
Case 00006674: Rural Route and PO Box issue for CAN address
Case 00006704: Record returning A22 with suspicious locality
Case 00006705: Switzerland address issues
Case 00006710: non-address content is changed
Case 00006712: Address Not Getting Cleansed
Case 00006746: Russian address loses data from cleansed input
Case 00006753: CHN address format issue
Case 00006780: Inconsistent handling of extraneous input