2016Q2.2 Resolved Cases

Local API Updates:

Case Number Customer Subject Country
00006583 SAS Incorrect SubBuilding Number output GBR
00006878 D&G House Number appearing twice from the output GBR
00006668 PB SubBuilding Enrichment outputting strange results GBR
00006830 PB Loqate Autocomplete is not returning valid candidates USA

Knowledge Base:

Case Number Customer Subject Country
00006667 PB French Address – Why Enriched? FRA
00006822 PB Loqate Address Concatenation Problem with UK. GBR
00006924 PB Slight variation of Thoroughfare validates incorrectly CHN
00006939 PB Chinese addresses with slight variation validating differently CHN
00006854 GM Address Verification issue (London district) GBR
00006942 GBG Denmark (Room numbers) DNK
00006949 GM Address Verification (Email junk) All
00006976 GM Address Verification (Duplicate UK County) GBR
00006985 GM Address Verification (Various junk) All
00006882 GM Case issue in postal code ARG
00006784 Imperial College London Query about address verification result (Postcodes) GBR
00006240 TELUS Rural Route Address Issue CAN
00006905 Veeva Spanish address issue (District/Neighborhood) ESP
00006906 Covance Incorrect casing on US Thoroughfares USA
00006910 Acxiom Loqate 2016Q1 COL (Street Name) COL
00006951 Oracle Switzerland Address not returning the full value for Administrative Area CHE
00006998 Veeva Systems US address issue USA
00006902 IBM Arabic address processing (Egypt) EGY