Information for Oracle EDQ AV Customers

All Oracle EDQ AV customers need to obtain a data license directly from Loqate. The information on this page provides guidance on how to choose and install your data license, and where to go for further information and support.

Please note that there is a lag between the time Loqate releases a new version and Oracle tests, certifies and releases it as a new EDQ AV version. Until that time, new features and functions in the latest Loqate release may not be available to you.

Downloading & Installing Data for EDQ AV

The data license sent by Loqate will have instructions for downloading and installing the data. Please reach out to Loqate support at with any issues and be sure to include the EDQ AV version obtained as follows:

  • Navigate to the directory where you installed EDQ AV
  • Run ./lqtbatch -v (Unix) or lqtbatch -v (Windows)

Further technical Information about the Loqate API can be seen at

Technical Assistance

If you have any queries relating to EDQ AV, please contact your Oracle account or support representative. Loqate will not be able to assist on cases relating to the EDQ AV API.