Loqate Video Tutorials


This is where the trail starts, go here to get a quick over of what is available through the SSC video series. >View video 

Understanding Address Verify

Not sure if you need AV for business, maybe this can shed a little light on the topic for you. >View video

Functional Overview

Our functional overview  will cover the basic feature of the api and what you can do with it. >View video 


In this video we cover the over arching structure of the API and its architecture. >View video


What kind of records processing can I expect from the API, well take a look here at what is capable of. >View video


An overview of our useful demonstration application and how to use it. >View video


The Query tab can be a useful ally while on the quest for finding the best results or troubleshooting issues. Get some insight on this portion of the DemoGUI’s toolset. >View video


Another useful tool that comes with the install that can help you run flat files in batch mode or create files  to do some troubleshooting either way this video will get you running with it. >View video