GeoAccuracy Code

Click here for more information on the geocode report fields Loqate provides. The GeoAccuracy code is made up of the following values:

  • The geocoding status
  • The geocoding level

e.g. I4, A2, P4

Geocoding Status

  • P: Point A single geocode was found matching the input address
  • I: Interpolated A geocode was able to be interpolated from the input addresses location in a range
  • A: Average Multiple candidate geocodes were found to match the input address, and an average of these was returned
  • U: Unable to geocode A geocode was not able to be generated for the input address

Geocoding Level

  • 4: Premise (Premise or Building)
  • 3: Thoroughfare
  • 2: Locality
  • 1: AdministrativeArea
  • 0: None