SERP Fields

The table below displays the SERP verification codes currently available in the Loqate API.

Field Definition
SerpStatusEx V (Valid)
C (Correctable) : Correctable fields will have been corrected to their right values in the output.
N (Invalid)
Questionable QR (for “Questionable-Rural”)
QU (for “Questionable-Urban”)
Empty-It means that the address is not questionable.
Result “VALID” for valid addresses. Otherwise, internal error code.
GeneralDelivery This field is available when adding “SERP” to the Loqate engine. It identifies a General Delivery type address – Example value: GD
DeliveryInstallation This field is available when adding “SERP” to the Loqate engine. It contains the Station Information to direct mail to the proper postal installation for non-civic addresses. Example value: STN A
Route This field is available when adding “SERP” to the Loqate engine. It identifies a Route Address, such as Rural Route, Military Route. Example value: RR 6
AdditionalContent This field is available when adding “SERP” to the Loqate engine. Sometimes a site specification and compartment is assigned for delivery to a rural address that does not have a civic address. Example value: SITE 6 COMP 10


For output field RESULT, it will either be “VALID”, or an address classification and series of three character codes indicating the status of individual address components. Each code will be a two-digit numeric that identify the address component plus one character status indicator. There can be many of these three character codes.

For example a RESULT of ‘C17M’ indicates:

  • C = Invalid Correctable Address
  • 17M = The Suite Identifier is missing.

Another example, a RESULT of ‘N10I11I62M’ indicates:

  • N =  Invalid Non-Correctable Address
  • 10I = Complete street information is Inconsistent/Incorrect
  • 11I = Civic Number is Inconsistent/Incorrect
  • 62M = Province is Missing

Here are the classification, address components, and address components status:

Address Classification:
VALID = Valid address,
C = Invalid correctable address,
N = Invalid Non-Correctable Address, or
I = Invalid Address
O = Optional (correctable)
Q = Questionable


The following numbers identify the address component(s):
00 Complete Address
01 Addressee and/or Additional Delivery Information
10 Complete Street Information
11 Civic number
12 Civic number suffix
13 Street name
14 Street type
15 Street direction
16 Suite keyword
17 Suite identifier
19 Delivery Information
20 Complete Route Service Information
22 Route Service keyword
24 Route Service identifier
30 Complete PO Box/Bag Information
32 PO Box/Bag keyword
34 PO Box/Bag identifier
40 Complete General Delivery Information
42 General Delivery keyword
50 Complete Delivery Installation Information
52 Delivery Installation Area Name
54 Delivery Installation Type
56 Delivery Installation Qualifier
60 Municipality
62 Province
64 Postal Code
81 Typo
98 Too Many Errors
99 Correction does not fit


M = Missing
I = Inconsistent/Incorrect
T = Typo