Non-address fields that are either generated by the engine during processing or referenced from the country-specific configuration files are described below. These fields are returned alongside the Address and Report fields.

Field descriptions for all processes can be accessed from the main field descriptions menu


Loqate Engine uses a set of rules to match the input with the reference data. Each rule is identified by a match rule label. Please refer to the below links for more information regarding the Match Rules.

Possible values include:

  • rlh (Reflex Hash)
  • rlfnpq (Reflex filter, populate quick)
  • rlfnp (Normal Reflex filter and populate)
  • rlhng (Normal Reflex filter and populate with HashNG)
  • 1, 1a, 1ab, …, 6 (Verify Match Rule name)
  • 1, 2, 3, … (Reference Tool results)

The MatchRuleLabel is mainly used for debugging and troubleshooting on case queries and issues. Customers are not expected to make use of this field within their integrations.


 A single string indicating what is being removed from the original input (when DuplicateHandlingFlag is used).

A code of A, B, or C that identifies how a hyphen in a premise will be handled.
A string providing an audit trail of parse, match, and formatting tools and options. Used only for debugging and troubleshooting.