Report Process

The Report process is designed to generate reports during batch processing.

Supported Reports :

  • Data Quality Report (DQR)
  • CASS Report
  • PS3553 Report
  • SERP Report


Report Process can be invoked from lqtBatch by adding the following options in the command line
-r <list of reports to generate. Delimited by pipe character>
-ri <optional. Report info file passed to the report generator>
-ro <optional. Report output file name>. If no file name is specified, a default file name will be used.

Supported Report Definition
DQR Data Quality Report
CASS CASS Stage File Report
PS3553 CASS summary report that may be submitted to USPS together with the mailing list that was processed using the CASS Process
SERP SERP address accuracy report

e.g. lqtBatch.exe -p v -r DQR -i c:\test\input.txt -d c:\test\data -ro myreport.txt