Enhancement Datasets

Since 2015Q2.0 Loqate has been adding data enhancement capabilities to its product suite. The enrichment process allows a user to append non-address information (metadata) to address fields in the final output of the Loqate engine.

That information is retrieved from Loqate-produced enhancement data packs through the Enhance option. This process will take the output from a Verify, Search, or Geocode process and append enhanced data to the qualified fields.

Available Enhancement Packs

The list of currently available enhancement packs is the following:
More data enhancement packs will become available over time


The data sets available at the present time are not included automatically with every license, but can be obtained by requesting them from your account manager. Once your account manager has updated your license with access to specific enhancement data packs, they will be available for download.

Please note that the enhancement data packs will require the country data pack for the specific country for which you attempt to enhance data. For example, the U.S. Census data pack will not function without the standard U.S. Verify or Geocode packs in your license, and as such will not be distributed to customers who have not licensed the required data packs.


The enhancement data packs can be installed with the same methods as all other data packs. The best way is to execute the Install Manager and install the enhancement packs in the data folder that contains all other Loqate data packs.


An example of an Enhance process call and its output can be found here: