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Each country may have multiple reference data files, which will serve different processes in the cleanse product.

vfy = provides only the verification data for the country
geo = serves the geocode data for the country (also provides verification data where vfy files are not available/used)
pnt = will contain point-level/rooftop geocode data, typically used in addition to vfy and/or geo files, but may also provide the verification data
ggg = means the country has completed the Loqate country improvement process (PDH) and both geo and pnt are now combined and optimized.

Please note that the Record Count and Geocode Count values can be misleading, as our datasets will typically use ranged, rolled up, or interpolated premise and building data.

Congo, the Democratic Republic of the


Country NameCongo, the Democratic Republic of the
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2CD
ISO 3166-1 alpha-3COD
ISO 3166-1 numeric180


Verification Level (L2-L5)3
File Namerd_CD_vfy.lfs
Last Build2023-02-15T02:15:27Z
Character SetsLatin, Han (Simplified variant)
DoubleDependentLocality Count0
DependentLocality Count0
Locality Count20,664
SubAdministrativeArea Count165
AdministrativeArea Count26
SuperAdministrativeArea Count0

Geocoding (ggg)

Geocode Level (L2-L4)3
File Namerd_CD_ggg.lfs
Last Build2023-02-15T02:15:28Z
Character SetsLatin
Geocode Count (incl. Ranged)42,121
Full Record Count42,586