2020Q4.1 Resolved Cases

Case Number

Change Description


CAS-39013-K5K9C9 Austria subadministrativearea and locality improvements Data AUT
CAS-03670-R8N4G5 Switzerland administrative area improvement  Data CHE
CAS-02608-T9G8F6 Germany thoroughfare improvement Data DEU
CAS-02610-J0M5C2 Germany locality and thoroughfare improvement Data DEU
CAS-02263-N1J3C8 Germany subadministrative area improvements Data DEU
CAS-52275-Y0R7H3 Germany locality improvements Data DEU
CAS-04333-Q2F3J8 Guernsey building improvements Data GGY
CAS-54568-F0V9C1 Netherlands subadministrative area and postal code improvements Data NLD