2020Q4.0 Resolved Cases

Case Number Change Description Category Country
CAS-48500-T0R2G3 Argentina thoroughfare improvements Data ARG
CAS-54688-J6W8L4 Australia Subbuilding improvements Data AUS
CAS-54182-D8W3M5 Australia premise and subbuilding improvements Data AUS
CAS-53699-L8L3Q6 Canada postal code Improvements Data CAN
CAS-51896-M0M2Y1 Canada subbuilding improvemetns Data CAN
CAS-01781-B9P6P6 Germany locality improvements API DEU
CAS-52656-Y9F7P2 Germany postal code improvements Data DEU
CAS-52275-Y0R7H3 Germany locality improvements Data DEU
CAS-02428-P5H7G2 Germany building and subbuilding improvements Data DEU
CAS-02431-M0X8V5 Germany building and subbuilding improvements Data DEU
CAS-02418-D4N0C3 Germany building and subbuilding improvements Data DEU
CAS-02020-B8V8D4 Improvements in processing time for Hong Kong addresses API HKG
CAS-02691-F4R4P3 Sri Lanka postal code improvements API LKA
CAS-53586-V2X3T1 Netherlands reference data improvments Data NLD
CAS-53836-H1R1V3 New Zealand thoroughfare improvements  Data NZL
CAS-53452-S0F7F5 Poland thoroughfare improvements API + Data POL
CAS-52633-R5L8Q7 Puerto Rico administrative area improvements Data PRI/USA
CAS-54348-L0J4W3 Romania building improvements Data ROU
CAS-52960-H4F0B3 Premise improvements (Queens, NYC) API USA
CAS-32506-Z7C6G8/10351 Senegal thoroughfare and locality improvements Data SEN
CAS-53320-S0R2Y7 OSGI Bundle-Version and Export-Package update API