2020Q2.0 Resolved Cases

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Case Number Change Description Country Category
CAS-32500-D4D8H3 Italy thoroughfare output improvement ITA Data
CAS-33060-T6T5K1 Russia locality output improvement RUS Data
CAS-33139-P9C4N8 Russia output improvement RUS Data
CAS-33210-Q6W7K0 Russia output improvement RUS Data
CAS-33248-L6N4N7 Germany output improvement DEU Data
CAS-33460-J1H4X8 Russia output improvement RUS Data
CAS-34142-H5T9R7 New Zealand output improvement NZL Data
CAS-41074-R7W9M9 Australia locality output improvement AUS Data
CAS-46835-J9M4D3 Australia output improvement AUS Data
CAS-33108-K6R9D4 Thoroughfare improvement CAN Data
CAS-39245-Y6X8M5 PostalCode Improvement DEU Data
CAS-39583-X0T0T1 SuperAdministrativeArea improvement PHL Data
CAS-42405-L5R7J0 Thoroughfare improvement NZL API
CAS-42440-L8V1W4 Fixed output. FRA Data
CAS-42711-B6G4L5 Geo Accuracy Code improvement DNK Data
CAS-44967-M2M2R2 SubBuilding Improvement GBR Data
CAS-40650-G8Y6S4 Russia data/AVC improvement RUS Data