Address Matching Approval System (AMAS)

1. Installation

The installation for AMAS involves installation of the API and AMAS data packs. The AMAS API and AMAS Data are platform dependent.


  • The respective library files for corresponding platform must be uploaded in the same location as the Loqate API installation directory.
  • For Windows platforms, you would also need the VC71 redistributable libraries found in (VC71) folder.

b. AMAS data:

  • AMAS data are platform specific.Therefore, respective data for the corresponding platform must be uploaded.
  • The data files should end up inside dataamas subdirectory where ‘data’ is the Loqate data installation directory.

Please note: At this time, AMAS is only compatible with the following platforms: Win32, Win64, Lin32, and Lin64

2. Configuration

No special configuration is needed.

3. Usage

a. lqtbatch

To use lqtBatch using this new process tool, pass “amas” as the parameter for –p option

e.g. lqtBatch … –p amas

This invokes the AMAS process tool.

b. API

Add “AMAS” in the lqtProcessList and pass the process list to lqtServer’s
process() function

4. Parameters

      • a. AMAS process requires the following format as input:


    • Format 1 : Address1, Address2, Address3(optional) and Country


Address1 Address2 Country
35 Stirling Hwy Crawley WA 6009 AUS


    • Format 2: Address1, Locality, AdministrativeArea, PostalCode and Country


Address1 Locality AdministrativeArea PostalCode Country
35 Stirling Hwy Crawley WA 6009 AUS

b. Output
The following page include detailed information regarding the AMAS Fields:


5. Usage Expiration

For checking AMAS expiration, we can use below options:

Option 1: (For Windows)

    • 1) Click on lqtDemo.exe program (available in Loqate API folder)
    • 2) Click on first tab” “GKR”
    • 3) Click “Browse” to select Loqate data folder
    • 4) Click the “Select a file” drop down menu to find “AMASInfo”
    • 5) “Expiry Date” of AMAS is shown (refer below screenshot)

Option 2: (For Linux)

1) In linux command line, go to Loqate API/edqav folder (where Loqate API file: lqtBatch is located)

2) Run below in that path (the dot at the end is mandatory) and press enter. This is to set the environment path to that folder:


3) Use command below: (replace the directory path value with Loqate data folder location)

./lqtbatch -d <your data folder>

4) The expiration date information for AMAS is as shown below:

i) if AMAS is still valid, below sample return

ii) If AMAS already expired, it will return below “AMAS connection status  : AMAS Error (503) : PAF expired”: